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Guest Houses, B&Bs and Guest Accommodation in Penzance

For a less formal experience, Penzance has a large number of Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts throughout the town, all providing a friendly service with most being owner-operated. They do provide an excellent range of facilities and offer great value for money and many hold National awards.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: During the current COVID-19 outbreak, properties are liable to be temporarily closed or unable to take bookings. However, for future dates, use of the Availability Checker will still permit up-to-date information to be found and bookings to be made. Full details of those properties and their procedures can be found on the providers' websites.

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Featured Guest Houses & Guest Accommodation

Chy-An-Mor Hotel - Guest House
15 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-363441
Dunedin - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362652
Duporth Guest House - Guest House
1 Mennaye Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-333989
The Pendennis - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 07906-662783
Penrose Guest House - Guest House
8 Penrose Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362782
Penzance Guest Lodge - Guest House
The Promenade, Penzance. Phone: 01736-366882
Torwood House - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-360063
Tremont Guest House - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362614

Other Guest Houses & Guest Accommodation

Armeria Guesthouse - Guest House
61 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-365560
Armorel - Guest House
2 Leskinnick Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362415
Bay Lodge - Guest House
5 Chyandour Square, Penzance. Phone: 01736-351090
Bay View - Guest House
6 Penrose Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-365440
Bleujennow B&B - Vegan Bed & Breakfast
2 Castle Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-332238
Blue Seas Hotel - Guest Accommodation
13 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364744
Brockfield House - Guest House
8 Polwithen Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362644
Camilla House - Guest House
12 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-363771
Carnson House - Guest House
2 East Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-365589
Chapel House - Guest House
Chapel House, Chapel Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-363761
Charelle Guest House - Guest House
26 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364594
Chiverton House - Guest House
9 Mennaye Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-332733
Con Amore Guest House - Guest House
38 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-363423
The Corner House - Guest House
20 Marine Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-351324
The Dock Inn - Public House and Bed & Breakfast
17 Quay Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362833
Elmsdale Guest House - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-331734
Estoril Hotel - Hotel
46 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362468
The Fountain Tavern - Public House and Bed & Breakfast
St. Clare Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-332269
Garswood - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-359095
Glen Afton - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-361737
Glencree House - Guest House
2 Mennaye Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362026
Glendower Guest House - Guest House
5 Mennaye Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-361737
Harbour Lights - Guest House
3 Lannoweth Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-361813
Honeydew Guest House - Guest House
3 Leskinnick Street, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364206
Lombard House Hotel - Guest Accommodation
16 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364897
Lynwood Guest House - Guest House
41 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-365871
Morrab Place Bed & Breakfast - Guest House
4 Morrab Place, Penzance. Phone: 07989-393122
Ocean Breezes - Guest House
1 St Marys Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364112
Rosalie Guest House - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-351202
Seaforth Guest House - Guest House
20 Mennaye Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-331682
Seaview Guest House - Guest House
2 Lescudjack Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364226
Shoreline Guest House - Guest House
17 Marine Terrace, Promenade, Penzance. Phone: 01736-366821
Sophia's B&B - Bed & Breakfast
The Promenade, Penzance. Phone: 01736-333363
Stanley Guest House - Guest House
23 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362146
The Summer House - Restaurant, Café & Guest House
Cornwall Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-363744
Torre-Vene Guest House - Guest House
11 Lescudjack Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-364103
Tradewinds Guest House - Guest House
21 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-330990
Trenant - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362005
Treventon Guest House - Guest House
Alexandra Place, Penzance. Phone: 01736-332730
Venton Vean Bed and Breakfast - Bed & Breakfast
Trewithen Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-351294
Warwick House - Hotel
17 Regent Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-363881
Westbourne Guest House - Guest House
Alexandra Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-350535
Whiteways Guest House - Guest House
1 East Terrace, Penzance. Phone: 01736-366198
Woodstock Guest House - Guest House
29 Morrab Road, Penzance. Phone: 01736-369049
The Yacht Inn - Hotel, Public House & Bar
The Promenade, Penzance. Phone: 01736-362787