Economic Development in Penzance

Employment Skills Base

The skills base within the West Cornwall and Penwith District is relatively wide. An analysis of those seeking employment, indicates that 20 percent of the people currently seeking employment are professionally qualified. There are also significant numbers seeking clerical employment and work in construction and personal services. The breakdown in employment for the District shown in the Table below gives further evidence of the spectrum of skills available in the District.

Employment by Industry (Employees and Self-Employed)

Industry %
Agriculture 5.0
Banking & Finance etc 7.6
Construction 8.4
Distribution and Catering 28.1
Forestry & Fishing 2.4
Energy & Water 1.0
Manufacturing Metal etc 4.2
Mining 0.7
Other Services 29.4
Other Manufacturing 5.2
Transport 6.7
Not Stated 1.3

Within the existing industries there is a wealth of talent with some companies leading their field in research and development and industrial technology. Engineering services, hard rock mining and mining related skills are also readily found throughout the District.