Sport in Penzance

Recent Major Sporting Events in Penzance

  • International Milk Race 1990/1992
  • Lifecycle 2000
  • World 505 Sailing Championships
  • MG Riviera Car Rally
  • National Harley Davidson Rally
  • Challenger’s Trophy
  • UK Sports Kite Classic
  • European Land Speedsailing Championships
  • British Wavesailing Championships
  • British Land Speedsailing Championships
  • End to End Motor Trial Events
  • British Funboard Cup Windsurfing Championships
  • O’Neil European Windsurfing Championships
  • National Solo Dinghy Championships
  • British OCRDA Power Boat Race Finals/Championships
  • Numerous Sailing Championships in Mount’s Bay
  • South West Special Olympics (for people with special needs)
  • MCC Land’s End to John O’Groats Car Rally